Kapil Sharma beats Sunil Grover on a flight – both unfollow each other on Twitter


It has been barely few hours since introduced his lady love Ginni to the world through social media and now the ace comedian is once again making news, but for all the wrong reasons.

A source close to The Kapil Sharma Show informed us, that recently while returning from Melbourne and Sydney after performing a stage show Kapil hit co-star Sunil Grover on an Air India flight.

The incident took place when Sunil was seated on his seat and Kapil suddenly walked up to him and started hurling abuses.

In no time he held Sunil by his collar and raised his hand on Sunil. The actor, who plays Dr. Mashoor Gulati

on the hit show didn’t respond to Kapil’s abuses and beating and stayed mum.

The Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karoon actor was allegedly drunk and called Sunil names like Tu Mera Naukar hai, tere show flop tha…”. The entire team soon came to Sunil’s rescue and took Kapil away. The airlines has not taken any action against Kapil till now.

Kapil and Sunil have both unfollowed each other on Twitter.

This is not the first time that both of them are making news for their rivalry. For the uninitiated Sunil had quit their previous show Comedy Nights with Kapil as he wanted hike in pay package and Kapil had refused it. The former then went on to host a show on Star Plus named Mad In India.

Sunil Grover WILL NOT COME BACK On Kapil Sharma’s Show; Matter Of Self-Respect

Sources close to The Kapil Sharma Show have told SpotboyE.com that Sunil Grover is unlikely to return on their set. Kapil Sharma has given him wounds which will not heal.

We now have it that the show’s booking diaries have no dates from Sunil on the forthcoming shoots, at least not yet. The khabar on the Film City stage where this show is shot almost every week is that Sunil has kissed goodbye to his TKSS colleagues, and of course no kisses were planted on Kapil’s cheek. He certainly does not deserve any after his abusive and violent rampage (which began after he had large volumes of alcohol) on Sunil who just asked him politely to not use foul language in front of his co-passengers.

So what exactly is going on in Sunil’s mind at this point? Well, it’s simple.

Firstly, Sunil feels that it’s a matter of dignity that he now stays away from The Kapil Sharma Show. He has had enough from Kapil and in fact, many others from The Kapil Sharma Show like Kiku Sharda, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar have also been at the receiving end of the haughty stand-up comedian of Indian television. Kiku, Chandan and Ali were also witness to Kapil’s disgusting behaviour on the flight and neither of them has recovered till now.

Secondly, Sunil feels that he wouldn’t be able to give 100 per cent to TKSS anymore.

So, that’s it. No Dr Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Devi in TKSS (Sunil plays a dual role in The Kapil Sharma Show) here on.

Kapil often used to tell Sunil jokingly on the show ‘Mujhe tumhara mooh pasand nahi hai’. He wouldn’t have to utter those lines anymore to Sunil, unless a miracle happens to convince the victim that he should brush off his flight altercation with the offender as a bad (read, ghastly) dream.

Both Sunil and Kapil have known each other for a long time now, and Sunil was also a host for Hans Baliye, a couple reality show where Kapil participated with Ginni.  Both the comedian gained popularity from Colors’ Comedy Nights With Kapil. But while doing that show, Sunil had some differences and had quit the show but had returned later. When Kapil had issues with Colors, Sunil supported him and left Colors to join Sony TV and be a part of his show.

Kapil might have become very popular because of his amazing comic timing, but his bad behaviour after he gets drunk is becoming a problem for his colleagues. As per reports, Sunil, whose Rinku Bhabhi and Dr. Mashoor Gulati acts are quite popular on The Kapil Sharma Show, might quit the show.

Has success gone to Kapil’s head or is he a problem drinker?

We tried contacting Kapil and Sunil, but both remained unavailable for comments.




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