Is Kapil Sharma married to girlfriend Ginni? Who is she? And what’s happening?


Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma called his longtime girlfriend Bhavneet Chatrath aka Ginni his ‘wife’ on Facebook and Twitter on Saturday, as he uploaded a picture together for the first time.

Comedian-actor Kapil Sharma has caused a stir on social media. The 35-year-old officially introduced his longtime girlfriend Bhavneet Chatrath aka Ginni to his fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook on Saturday morning. But what has set tongues wagging is that he called her his ‘wife’, and proclaimed his love for her. “I love her so much… she completes me,” wrote Kapil, asking fans to welcome her.

Kapil Sharma posted a picture with his girlfriend Bhavneet aka Ginni on Twitter, and wrote: “Will not say she is my better half .. she completes me .. love u ginni .. please welcome her .. I love her so much:)”(Photo: Twitter/KapilSharmaK9)

Has Kapil already married his beloved Ginni? His sister Pooja Devgan has denied the rumour in an interview to, despite Kapil’s open announcement that he loves ‘wife’ Ginni more than Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone. The comedian had earlier joked about being in love with Deepika, on filmmaker Karan Johar’s chat show, Koffee with Karan.

However, Kapil’s sister Pooja — who, too, is fond of Bhavneet and like Kapil, lovingly calls her Ginni — has said: “I cannot speak on Kapil’s marriage, he is the right guy to comment on his wedding. Of course, if he has posted a picture then there might be something to it. But yes, marriage has not happened yet. Ginni is a very good girl and is very sanskaari. She has all the qualities what Kapil is looking for in a girl. I am happy for them.”

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Although this is the first time that Kapil has introduced his girlfriend to his fans, according to reports, Kapil has been in a relationship with Ginni for years now. They met during their college days in Punjab. Reports of them tying the knot emerged three years ago. “Kapil plans to get married to Bhavneet Chatrath who resides in Jalandhar. She’s also lovingly called Ginni. The duo worked together in the comedy show, Hans Baliye. Kapil will tie the knot with his girlfriend after the release of his Bollywood debut Bank Chor,” Kapil’s brother, Ashok Sharma, had said at the time.



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